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Arriving at the Spatial Alchemy formula has been a personal journey. After getting a Bachelor’s Degree in Clinical Psychology from Tufts University, I decided to explore all strata of alternative healing & transformation. For the past 20 years, I have worked with shamans,

healers, coaches, plant medicine, meditation, tantra, chi gong—you name it, I dove into it, with great personal results. 

Simultaneously, my design career was flourishing. I was a residential & commercial interior designer as well as an interior stylist for editorial, advertising & catalog. My apartments were featured in Vogue & Domino Magazine and my clients ranged from Elle Decor to Oscar de la Renta

I realized that while spaces could be exquisite, if a deeper understanding of the inhabitant wasn’t addressed, their potency would be limited. Spatial Alchemy's mission is to unite spirit, psyche, body & home for the purpose of your self-realization.


I am currently writing a book, called Spatial Alchemy,

to be published by Artisan Books in 2023.

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