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Learn how to transform your home into a catalyst for personal expansion

Your home is a representation of your interior world. You are the programmer and your home is the program. When you code it deliberately, you increase your ability to manifest your dreams.

Spatial Alchemy brings together principles of psychology, magic and interior design to help you shift your home out of default mode into deliberate, purposeful creation.

- Have you felt frustrated because your home doesn’t reflect your true self?

- When you look at design porn, do you struggle to translate the images into your home?

- Does your home make you feel uninspired, flat, overwhelmed or bored?

- Do the things you own lack unity and cohesiveness?

The four modules in this course will help you align your home to your life goals.

I want you to walk across the threshold of every room and feel an inner YES. Your inner YES is your magnetism, your power and your ability to expand.

-Are you ready to spot negative patterning in your home and clear it out so you feel brighter and more alive?

-Are you ready to program your home to meet your emotional needs and those of every member of your family?

-Are you ready to use your home to amplify your self-worth?

-Are you ready to live in a home that reflects the healthiest version of you?


Olga built me a vision for my home that was one of success, quality and wisdom, a kind of solidness. When I look around, every object speaks to me of a woman who is successful, and who is worthy and deserving. —Shana

This four-part video course will teach you how to overcome stagnation in your home, and use your home to improve your relationship with your body, intimacy and abundance.



This four-part video course will teach you how to overcome stagnation in your home, and use your home to improve your relationship with your body, intimacy and abundance.

Learn how to use your home as a tool to expand self-worth via the foundational principles of Spatial Alchemy. In this 90 minute video, I will teach you to:

- Understand your symbiotic relationship with your home

- See how the energy of your home is affecting the energy of your life

- Spot default patterns encoded in your space

- Disrupt unwanted patterns, release old identities, and reboot the operating system of your home

- Understand the difference between decluttering and alchemy

- Program your Future Self into your everyday life

- Become aware of the energies of objects:

  •      Turn your foyer into a power threshold

  •      Style your bookshelves to cultivate clarity

  •      Arrange your knick knacks into power clusters

  •      Transform your wall art into metaphors of success


$99 ($299 FOR ALL 4 MODULES)



I feel more empowered, more competent, my newly designed office has inspired me to get my business off the ground, I am experiencing a new level of “steady”, “clicked”, “in-flow”, “gorgeous” and “landed” reality thanks to Olga. —Elyna

Learn how to disrupt unwanted health patterns and replace them with the physical experience of healthy emotional regulation. In this 90-minute video, I will teach you to:

- Expand what you believe you deserve, somatically, through your home

- Identify where unwanted habits are reinforced by physical layout and decor 

- Anchor positive emotions into key spots throughout your home

- Select colors and textures to create the emotions you want to feel

- Use your home as an ally to support weight loss goals

- Create smooth systems that encourage fluidity in your life and reduce chaos

- Identify your inner YES so that your home reflects who you are:

  •      Turn-up the luxury of your bathroom

  •      Bring both sensuality and organization into your closet

  •      Align your kitchen with your Future Self

  •      Repurpose your tableware to make the experience of eating delicious

$99 ($299 FOR ALL 4 MODULES)



Olga sees space in a very different way, and notices things that others would never notice, but then layering this with spirituality and psychology. She really understands the unique needs we all have and how our immediate environment can address them. That’s her genius and I can’t thank her enough. —Yuli

Learn how to create secure attachment and expand intimacy in the home, no matter your relationship status. In this 90-minute video, I will teach you to:

- Spot and release patterns of disharmony and fragmentation

- Give yourself the level of care you desire to receive in 6 key places 

- Balance the needs of all family members

- How to design healthy boundaries into the space

- Design your bedroom to call in more profound love and intimacy

- Balance active and passive energies in your home

- Program your rooms with subtle relationship codes:

- Map out your living room for maximum connection

  •          Use lighting to enhance mood

  •          Enhance partnership through deliberate use of symmetry/asymmetry

  •          Play with opposites to create dynamic tension and magnetism

$99 ($299 FOR ALL 4 MODULES)


It felt great to have Olga’s professional guidance, and her energetic guidance, layered within what we wanted to do creatively. She gave us a lot of confidence that we were going in the right direction and a lot of help with decision making when we were feeling overwhelmed. —Jake

Learn how to release scarcity patterns in your home and anchor abundance. In this 90-minute video, I will teach you to:

- Spot the non-verbal scarcity messages your home is broadcasting

- Plant regal codes into your everyday routines

- Reinforce  items that reflect the identity you want to step into

- Understand the direct relationship between spacious storage and abundance

- Layer patterns to activate growth deliberately

- Eliminate playing small by using scale to activate bold moves

- Design your office as a vision board to generate authenticity and inspiration

- Use active energy to power motivation

  •      Create a Zoom space that deliberately amplifies abundance

  •      Design your mantle to add fuel to intention

  •      Activate the walkway to your home

  •      Use focal points as power spots




Our session was like magic, and things started lining up right afterwards. My head is spinning with ideas for my new home and I can’t wait for our next session! I totally get now the whole space and spirit alignment, Olga is a genius. —Anita