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I will show you, step by step, how to design your desires right into your space. Together, we choose three rooms which feel the the biggest representation of ’stuckness’ to you and reimagine them.

The physical environment of your home is a powerful accelerator, if used as such. When you intentionally program more abundance into the physical environment of your home, it begins to work for you to expand your self-worth and your momentum. Why? Because, whatever you do your home, you do to yourself. And oftentimes, we allow ourselves live inside of patterns of neglect, confusion and resignation. For years. This reverberates in our lives.

Session One (75 minutes) : OWN YOUR DESIRES

How do you step into the identity of abundance when you aren’t currently feeling that way? You decide to build this identity. Step by step. Identity isn’t fixed. It is layered and it is mutable. You can decide to ‘de-activate’ layers of scarcity that you no longer want to feed, and bolster nascent layers of abundance. In this session you will : 1. Dive into your deepest desires for your life. 2. Assess to where your home is reinforcing unconscious scarcity mindset, and where it is supporting your abundance. 3. Release outdated identities encoded in your stuff.

Session Two (75 minutes) : SMALL WINS, BIG IMPACT

The key is designing a strategy where all the easiest wins come first. Easiest wins first pull you out of stuckness, because your brain is wired to receive pleasure from even small achievements. Shifting your brain’s rewards center into go consistently reinforces the 'can-do’ mindset. This mindset increases your capacity to experiment and move forward. In this session you will: 1. Create an easy-to-accomplish strategy of implementing more delicious energy into your home. 2. Learn how to use the things you already own in new ways to give your home a big reset 3. Rethink your daily routines, and the items associated with them to make them feel more succulent

Session Three (75 minutes) : CLAIM YOUR SPACE

There is a direct relationship between claiming your space and claiming your abundance. If you feel like you’re playing small in your space, there is growth here for you. This is the session where we discuss big picture strategies that align your home to your desires for your life. We will understand what makes a cohesive, unified room that relaxes your body In this session you will learn how to make your rooms SING (here is a little preview): 1. The Ceiling : Don’t ignore your ceiling. Instead, mark your territory and own it. Paint it, wallpaper it or use a big, chic chandelier to draw your eye up. Chandeliers are not only for dining rooms, and you want to see them as hanging art. Go over-scale here, especially if you want to expand your career. For all the renters out there, many very affordable stick ’n’ peel wallpaper options are available on Etsy. 2. The Floor: Beware of puny rugs that don’t visually unite the furniture in the room. Your living room sofa and armchair should, at least partially, be on your rug. This is one of the biggest ‘design mistakes’ I see in client’s homes. I often move under scale rugs to a smaller room where they feel more proportionally in sync. Rugs should not be sliding around (use 2 rug pads for thin vintage rugs to make them yummy to walk on). 3. The Walls: balance gallery walls of small art with walls of BIG art. If most of your walls have little things hanging on them, choose one wall you will intentionally choose to go big. 4. The Corners: Dead corners are a missed opportunity. Put large scale plants on a column pedestal in sunny corners. Choose a plant pot whose shape accents the plant (be more intentional than Home Depot terra cotta). Put a floor sculpture in dark corners. You don’t need to fill all 4 corners of a room, choose the 2 that need it the most. 5. The Layout: If your furniture is cohesive relationship to one another, your room will feel ‘off’. We will see what works, what doesn’t and what ‘bridge pieces’ you need to buy to create a unified space.

Session Four (60 minutes) : BE-ING ABUNDANCE

This is an life-assessment session. We will discuss the results in your life that have appeared as a consequence of the shifts you’ve made in your home. We will see what desires need more rooting and more support. I will answer specific questions based on your specific experience

THE FEE: $2222

Watch my Program Your Home For Abundance Masterclass to get a sense of what is possible for you!


You and your home are a symbiotic system.

When your home shifts, you shift.

When your home is upgraded, you upgrade.

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