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Program Your Home For Abundance

Program Your Home For Abundance

There is a process for integrating your vision board into the 3D so you can live it, rather than just look at it. Your home is an integral part of this process.


The key is in using your home as a bridge to activate a greater sense of self-worth. Learn to see your home through the eyes of abundance. 


In this two hour pre-recorded class I will show you how to: 


1) Spot scarcity mindset in your home by looking at your biggest complaints about your home. Scarcity lives inside of complaint. Many of us get stuck in the narrative of ‘I don’t have enough time, enough space, enough money’ and spin our wheels, not moving forward. There is a way out of this narrative.


(2) Activate the can-do mindset by creating a step-by-step design strategy. This shifts you out of a feeling of powerlessness and into problem solving mode.


(3) Release outdated identities. This goes beyond decluttering into an understanding of how your stuff reinforces your identity. You can choose to peel away what is no longer relevant so it isn’t weighing you down.


(4) Implant regal authority in your daily routines by small and specific design upgrades.


(5) Learn how to generate momentum in the direction you want through power objects and repetition.

(6) Activate bold energy through bold design gestures.

(7) Amplify the grace with which you move through your home by rethinking the choreography of your body through the space.

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